3rd Gen Empty 1mL Disposable Vape Pen USB-C Side Window Flat Tip

Discounted Quantity: 10-Pack | $5.99/Unit
Sale price$59.95

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Our 3nd generation empty disposable vape pen comes with all the fantastic features of our second-generation disposable but includes a slimmer design with a next generation atomizer for a better pull. Our pen includes a silicone-like finish, an ergonomic feel, a USB-C charging port, side windows, and an easy-to-fill tank.

  • Tank capacity: 1.0mL
  • Activation: Draw based
  • Contents: Empty - designed for thick distillate
  • Puffs: 450 one-second puffs or 225 two-second puffs
  • Filling: Simply inject desired distillate in filling holes than cap with included caps
  • Customizable: Compatible with our customization design services

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Monica (TX)
Gets the job done

Doesn’t hit as smooth as my former I krushers but works well enough when they’re out of stock

Anonymous (CA)

Kinda mad they didint do the pocket test the pocket test is when The consumer can put away the Vape whenever and however in your pocket these stop working If you place them laying down or upside down they work then stop working really annoying not sure how to return into business when I have lost money from buying these

Frank (CA)

I give these disposables 5/10 the usbC is cool but not everyone has that charger most company’s in the game have regular usb for their device also filling them is a bit annoying if you doing it by hand you only have that little window while filling so you gotta be sharp stopping unless it over flows I prefer a better window for us to see so I could see when to stop filling BETTER

C- (NV)
Super Happy

You get what you pay for. These are good. So if you want to make sure. Try these.

Eric Navarro (TX)

Always on point love them!!

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