At VPWholesale, we strive to ensure our customers always receive the best value for their purchases. We stand behind our Price Match Guarantee - if you find a similar product offered at a lower price by a qualifying competitor, we commit to matching that price.

Our Price Match Guarantee operates as follows:

  1. Comparable Products: The competing product should be similar in specifications, features, and quality to the product we sell. The product must be brand new and in its original packaging. We do not match prices for used or refurbished products.

  2. Qualifying Competitors: The product must be sold by an established online competitor. The competitor should operate a legitimate business and not be a private seller or auction platform.

  3. Proof of Lower Price: You must provide a valid, active link to the product on the competitor’s website, showing the lower price and product description. The lower price must be visible, listed in U.S. dollars, and verifiable.

  4. Order Quantity: The Price Match Guarantee is applicable only when the competitor's product is available in a comparable order quantity to what we offer.

  5. Including Shipping Costs: The competitor’s total price, inclusive of shipping and handling fees, will be taken into account. The total price signifies the amount paid by the customer to receive the item, excluding any subsequent duties. If the competitor's price does not include free shipping, but VPWholesale does, the shipping cost will be factored into the competitor's total price.

  6. Exclusions: Our Price Match Guarantee does not cover promotional codes, financing offers, bundle deals, free items, pricing errors, mail-in offers, coupon offers, items that are advertised as limited quantity, out of stock, clearance, open-box, or refurbished/used items.

  7. How to Request a Price Match: Please email us at with your price matching request. Include the name of the product, the competitor’s price, and the link to the competitor’s page where the price can be found. Our team will verify the price and product eligibility.

VPWholesale reserves the right to update or modify the terms of this policy at any time. All price match decisions made by VPWholesale are final.

We value your business and look forward to offering you top-quality products at the best possible prices.

Please note: VPWholesale is committed to responsible retailing and only serves customers of legal purchasing age.