Empty 0.5mL 510 Silver Tip Vape Cartridge

Discounted Quantity: 50-Pack | $1.26/Unit
Sale price$69.75


Experience an unrivaled vaping experience with our Pure Quartz 510 Vape Cartridges. These cartridges, expertly designed with a pure quartz atomizer, dramatically enhance the vapor production and deliver the authentic flavor of your dab concentrates. The high melting point of Quartz (1713°C or 3125°F) guarantees a cleaner, purer vapor, devoid of the by-products often associated with other materials at high temperatures.
  • Tank Capacity: 0.5mL
  • Resistance: 1.4Ω
  • Tank Material: Durable Pyrex Glass
  • Atomizer Coil: Pure Quartz Cell
  • Oil Intake Holes: 4 - 2.0mm
  • Base Threading: Universal 510
  • Mouthpiece: Ergonomic Full Ceramic Silver Tip
  • Use With: Specially Designed for Thick Viscosity Oil
  • Customization: Available through our customization design services

Wondering why we chose pure Quartz for our 510 vape cartridges? The superior properties of Quartz, including its high melting point, ensure a purer, cleaner vapor, free from any potential by-products.

Explore the benefits of Quartz coils here. Elevate your dab concentrate experience with the purity and performance of Quartz today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Charles Kreider (OR)
Great product

These are hard to find local suppliers and much more expensive when i can find them. Thanks for the great service

Steve Bartlett (MD)

Empty 0.5mL 510 Silver Tip Vape Cartridge

Works great

I ordered these and some terpenes and when I got the order they had put in 1g carts instead on accident. I talked with the company and they sent me a shipping label to return them and shipped out the correct ones pretty quick. The carts work great, the only reason for 4 stars is the delay on getting the correct item, and the fact that they sent me this email to review the product before I even got it.

helamonstr (AZ)
repeat customer.

Got a 100 pack of the 0.5ml silver tip carts. I use them with a 3.7V pocket battery to vape nicotine, and I typically get about a 1/2 dozen fills or more before they need to be replaced. When they do, I don't get burnt fluid, or leaks, etc. It just gets harder to get a good pull after a while. I've used VPW to order carts from a US distributor in a nearby state many times now. They always ship promptly, and the product is quality. These silver tip ones seem identical to the .5ml ceramic tip ones I usually get, except for the mouthpiece. Basically identical to a ccell cartridge at wholesale

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Jean Ward (MN)

they worked

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