Different Ways to Use Terpenes

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in plants. You’ve probably smelled a distinct scent if you’ve ever been around someone smoking up. That is a signature smell associated with terpenes. Some of the common terpenes you’ll find in medicinal herbs, vape oil mixtures are humulene, myrcene, pinene, linalool, etc.

They are isolated from plants to create flavors and scents for everyday products like perfumes, body products, and sometimes even food. According to research, terpenes have medicinal properties; the Iranian Journal of Microbiology specifically studied the effects of pinene and limonene, suggesting that they had antiviral properties.

If you’re new to the world of terpenes or just curious about what you’re consuming to feel at ease, we’ve created a comprehensive copy to help take you through the process of using terpenes.

How to use Terpenes?

To effectively use terpenes, you need to understand that it has a wide range of uses, from medicinal purposes, aromatherapy to just smoking up with your friends or relieving stress. If you’re going to be buying a bottle might as well learn how to use it properly.

cannabis derived terpenes

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Natural ways to Use Terpenes

Terpenes are a key ingredient in all the essential oils that you find in your skincare products or use as is. Tea tree oil is an example of a natural terpene

  • Tea tree - comes from several plants from the Myrtaceae family, indigenous to Australia and New Zealand. It is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and helping with active acne. It is a key ingredient in many topical medications and is used to treat infections.
  • Citrus Oil- or lime oil has a distinct taste and scent that acts as a perfect addition to homemade foods like salsa. This is also an essential oil that is effective as a sanitizing agent used in your dishwasher, wood polish, etc.
  • Gum Terpene- perhaps one of the most commonly used solvents that is basically distilled resin from pine trees. It can act as a thinner for oil-based plants or a source of materials for organic synthesis.
  • Vaping- With the rising popularity of vaping and vape pens being bought at wholesales, enthusiasts and rookies alike are showing more and more interest in terpenes. People are experimenting with different oils and generally have more control over what suits them.

    Terpene oil for carts are commonly used in a vape device or CBD vape oil. However, remember, you cannot use terpenes oils on your own. There are brands that sell terpenes suspended in a vaporizing e-liquid base that consists of a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

    Regardless, you need to be careful of those that do not. Make sure to check the label before adding terpene oil blends to your e-liquid of choice. You’re only going to need to add a few drops to have the desired aromatic effect.

  • Select the terpenes you want, read about which you should be using to achieve the desired effect, and then simply add a few drops to your regular vape juice as you would any day. Terpenes are also used to make your e-liquid taste better or add a scent to the vape that reminds them of their favorite herbal drug.
  • Aromatherapy- One of the most common ways people use terpenes is for its aromatic properties. This can take many forms, from a scent diffuser to a scented candle. People use them to keep their houses smelling fresh and for their aromatherapy benefits.A diffuser comes in the form of a reed diffuser, free of electricity and easy to use. However, the electric ones are great for larger spaces as they emit a powerful aroma. Depending on what effect you want from your terpene oils, you can choose a lavender scent for feeling calm and relaxed or citrus oils that contain limonene for surrounding yourself with energy and vigor.
  • Terpenes and CBD Distillate- Terpenes and CBD, as of now, are completely legal in all states. This means you can reap all of the benefits of both the terpenes and CBD compounds without having to stress about the legalities. Add a few drops of terpenes to every gram of CBD distillate, and you’ll be creating an extremely relaxing muscle rub, skin cream, or bath oil.

Why use Terpenes?

At the end of the day, the question remains, why should one use terpenes at all? These are heavy oils that have been used for centuries for aromatherapy, i.e., to improve mental and physical well-being.They help in relieving stress by interacting with the body to trigger certain effects like making you sleepy and relaxed. However, to fully benefit from terpenes, you need to know what each terpene works for. Due to the variety, they have different smells that also contribute to their varying effects.Going through a full range of cannabis derived terpenes can open up doors for you to explore which ones are more suited to your needs.

cannabis derived terpenes

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Things to Flag

While terpenes open a world for us to explore, there are limitations to its use. The most important thing to know about using pure terpene is that they are not intended to be used at their full capacity. This can be extremely dangerous.

All food-grade terpenes need to be diluted before they are added to any product, no matter if it is edible, topical, or to be smoked. Letting pure terpenes come in contact with your naked skin can cause burns. Keep them away from your eyes.

Start with a 3% concentration of weed terpenes in your hemp oil, and increase it every 0.5%, depending on how you like it. When you use terpenes with your herbs, keep in mind that they are not water-soluble.

All in all, terpenes come in a wide variety. They are also available to be used in different ways, from topically to being used for aromatherapy purposes. We hope this blog helped you streamline the ones that are extremely popular and understand a bit more about how terpenes is used. If you want to explore terpenes online, check our large selections of terpenes at affordable wholesale rates.

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