How to Dispose of Empty Vape Cartridges

Vaping or E-cigarette is the trendiest effective approach to helping folks to quit or reduce conventional smoking tradition, but managing the disposal of E-cigarette empty vape cartridges will be a hideous task in the long run. One thing for sure, these liquefiers waste may sooner or later harm the environment, which makes it necessary to take preventive measures for their disposal. Let's learn in the article how?

Know your vaporizer

Broadly known for vaping, E-cigarettes and vape pens are crazy trending devices sharing somewhat similar functions. Both of them include mostly a lithium-ion battery that powers to heat up the coil or atomizer to vaporize the liquid. The atomizer or coil is the heating metal present in the cartridges, which is filled with nicotine liquid to be inhaled, fulfilling the smoking rush and urge.

Over time, various fashionable, bold, and lucrative innovations in the devices, including rechargeable, recyclable, or eco-friendly designs. Moreover, the batteries, tanks, glass bottles, cartridges, or pods all come in various options, including color range, shapes, and sizes as per consumer's likings.

The growing use of e-cigarettes at a glance

As per reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention USA suggests, 3.6 million US residents used e-cigarettes in 2020. The figure reflects more than 9 million people roughly; that forms approximately 8 out of every 10 individuals reported using flavored liquefiers.

Well, speaking of vaping, that's a large percentage of electronic vapes or e-cigarettes alone! Now that it's very common and trendy among the people of America, about 313 million US residents still do not use them or have a vague sense of the functionality and difference from the standard smoking practice.

Still, such a large number of vaporizers and empty vape cartridges dispose of may cause pollution problems on a large scale in the future if not taken care of properly.

how to dispose of empty vape cartridges

Why you should dispose of empty vape cartridges safely

The standard cigarette butts ends up being 38 percent of the worldwide litter as their filters are made up of cellulose acetate. As per records, it takes roughly twelve years for a traditional cigarette to biodegrade not even completely but acceptable to its sort of ecological non-threatening constituent form.

Now that makes e-cigarette a lot eco-friendlier option and uncourtly better than its conventional counterpart. However, in a liquid vaporizer, the two main vaping components, lithium-ion battery and cartridge, still requires hazardous waste removal because of nicotine which may cause contaminated water and potential health risks.

How to dispose of empty vape cartridges

How to dispose of empty vape cartridges

Here is a detailed guide to taking care of empty vape cartridges dispose of.

After the users consume vape cartridges, the cartridges filled with nicotine and flavored solutions are typically discarded. However, the point of concern is the safe and proper removal of waste disposal. The cartridges having residual nicotine solution pose a great threat to the domestic environment, wildlife, and pets.

Thus, it is essential to throw away the residual nicotine solution and expended cartridges in a way that does not affect the environment. Here's how:

• Rinsing the cartridges

As per most authorities, a safe, convenient, and proper approach to empty vape cartridges dispose of requires precautionary nicotine solution removal. It is carried out by throwing the filler material in the sink and rinsing out the cartridges under running water until all the nicotine particles are removed entirely. Later on, the cartridge should be sealed again with the liquefier's original plug and discarded as any ordinary plastic waste.

• Reaching out for hazardous waste authorities

Various vapors have refillable bottles or cartridges option, which generally has the capacity from 1-4 oz. (30-120 ml) in size. A wide range of prefilled cartridges with larger accommodations is also available upon requests having various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Now, these flavored nicotine cartridges are hazardous to health, either filled fully or partially; these empty vape cartridges dispose of must be taken care of by a professional Household Hazardous Waste Facility (HHW). These authorities professionally and responsibly take care of the proper disposal of the empty cartridges. Users may contact their local HHW authorities to take these empty vape cartridges dispose of with them from time to time.

• Recycling empty vape cartridges

Without a doubt, e-cigarettes are an eco-friendly solution compared to conventional cigarettes. What makes it more convenient and best to consume is the recyclable cartridges and batteries option offered by various vendors and manufacturers. The incentive for free refills discounted recycling procedure in return for reclaimed vapes is an environmental pollution-free method and easier than disposing of harmful substances on your own.

Here's a wrap!

Now that you know vaping is a common trend to set in, it is far more eco-friendly and health concerning factor than other smoking methods. As a responsible citizen, it is now our responsibility to take care of your empty vape cartridges dispose of properly to safe your environment and loved ones around you.

Moreover, why not let just experts take care of it professionally and reach out to professional vendors or manufacturers to do the job with utmost perfection, let alone. Maybe get a recycled one for you to save the day and be the coolest among your peers!

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