Empty 1mL 510 Wood Tip Silver Vape Cartridge

Discounted Quantity: 50-Pack | $1.8/Unit
Sale price$90.00 Regular price$99.00

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Empty 1mL 510 Wood Tip Silver Vape Cartridge Diamond Cell Coil

A better vaping experience begins with the technology used in the cartridge. Our premium 510 empty vape cartridges feature D-cell atomizers assembled without glue, increasing vapor production and flavor from your oil. Its no-wick design helps eliminate burnt and unwarranted tastes. Our cartridges are routinely lab tested for heavy metals and are guaranteed leak-proof when appropriately used.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Slade A (NY)

Works grand 👍✅

Cordell Corbin (DC)

Communication and conflict resolution

Jared Bergman (MN)
So far so good.

Got a 50 pack of wood tip 1 ml pens. Very nice looking pens. Had quite an easy time filling them as well.

Stephen Mugler (PA)
5th or 6 order

Out of the 1000ish carts I've ordered so far I've had less than. 1% failures. I keep notes. Their packaging is solid for the price and for what they are. I've had 510t's and dispos. I ordered 10 batteries for the first time this order that are great.
Flawless customer service. I believe Lenna is the name of the lady who always assists me. I'm a happy camper. I'll continue doubling my order each time I restock. There's a reason these guys sell out so fast. <3

Marla crowhall (AZ)
Super quality

This was the first time I purchased from this company . It was a super choice! The purchase came very fast and the quality is surprisingly high and some if the best quality. I will be purchasing again!

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