Vape Taste Burnt - How To Fix It

We've all been there. Our vapes are ready, but instead of delicious, soothing vapor, a burning sensation in the throat and a bad taste in the mouth occur. The worst thing that vapor can go through is getting burnt hits.

From disposable vapes to cloud-chucking sub-ohm tanks, it can happen to almost any vape! Your day can be ruined, and you may even turn away from vaping.

Several factors can cause a burnt hit, but for the most part, these are preventable.

Find out what you can do to prevent burnt hits by examining some of the most common causes.

empty oil carts

Burnt vs dry hit

burnt hits are miserable; they ruin the entire vaping experience, but they usually appear after taking only a few dry hits.

When you take a dry hit, you will find that the vapor cloud is considerably smaller than when you take a normal hit. You will have difficulty tasting your e-liquid.

The reason is that your heating coils cannot evaporate enough e-liquid because your coil's wicking material does not hold enough moisture.

The best thing you can do if you get a dry hit is to take a break for a few minutes. Your wick needs to soak up more e-liquid, so you need to refill the tank or wait longer.

How come your vape tastes burnt?

Burnt hits will be evident to you as soon as they occur. If you inhale, your lungs or throat may feel uncomfortable from the vapor. A variety of factors can cause an overheated wick. However, your wick is likely to be to blame.

A dry hit is the most common reason for tasting burnt in your vape oil since you ignited your wick instead of listening to the warnings.
Burning your wick can be done in several ways. Keeping your vapor tasty and smooth is easy if you avoid these mistakes.

Burnt taste is most commonly caused by:

wattage is too high (pumping too much power into your wick too fast will burn it rapidly, regardless of whether juice has been added, always stay within the wattage ranges recommended by the manufacturer. )

too much and too soon vaping(if you vape too fast, the wick will burn)

e-liquids of the wrong kind ( different tanks are designed to accommodate different types of juice. Most tanks can work with high VG juices, while others may require 50% or more of PG juices. )

the coils are not properly primed ( most common issue. Getting your coil heads ready for the first time involves allowing e-liquid to soak the wicks at the beginning of priming them. )

burnt hits - how to fix them

we now have a better understanding of what causes burnt hits in the first place, and we also have a better idea of how we can prevent them. There are several methods you can use to prevent the wick from burning.

1. Use a disposable vape

in most cases, disposable vapes will not burn you unless there is some malfunction. Think about switching to disposable tanks if you dislike the idea of maintaining your vape tank constantly.

Make sure your vape tank is always filled

when your vape tank is not full of vape juice, your wicks will burn. To keep your rick protected and avoid burnt hits, you should regularly fill the tank before it becomes empty.

2. Use empty oil cartridges

to get rid of burnt and unwarranted tastes, you can also use 510 oil cartridges without wicks. This will make vaping much simpler.

A 510 cartridge consists of a mouthpiece and a filling material, either sponge or polyester, placed inside a small plastic or metal cup. Your flavored juices will be drawn towards the heating coil by the steel wick of the atomizer.

The battery does not need to be filled, just hook it up and vape. Oil carts with pre-filled oil are also popular because of their flavor. THC Oil carts that are pre-filled with THC are great for vaping.

3. Make sure your coils are primed

ideally, your tank should have the ability to prime your coil when the wick needs to be changed. Your vape pen's wick must be manually soaked before being turned on and left to sit for 10 minutes.

If your vaping equipment came with an accompanying manual, study it carefully for the steps to priming your coils.

4. Ensure you're using the right vape battery and tank

the connection of a vape battery to a vape tank does not necessarily indicate their compatibility. Vape batteries with high power requirements are likely to burn coils very easily when connected to tanks with modest power needs.

As a result, scorched coils cannot be removed from your tank. In our opinion, it is wise to purchase 520 batteries for your tank. It is a device for vaporizing nicotine or cannabis and has a 510 thread for connecting to a charger.

510 batteries are most commonly used with cartridges, the most common type of battery on the vaping market. This type of battery looks like a pipe.

5. Refill regularly

getting burnt hits can be avoided by regularly refilling your vape juice tank, as we mentioned. Many tanks are made to be easily filled and, therefore, could be an enticing choice if you don't like cleaning up vape juice messes from time to time.


when burned hits happen, they are unpleasant and gross surprises. In contrast, you will find few and far between burnt hits if you follow the device above. While it might take a bit of work and diligence to achieve great-tasting vapor consistently, the results are worth it!

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