How Long Will My Coils Last Before Replacement Is Needed?

Considering that the coil is really the heart of your vaporizer, it’s essential to keep it in good working order. However, if you’ve ever wondered how frequently you should be replacing your coil, the answer is a little more nuanced than you might think.

The frequency you’ll need to change your coil will differ from vapor to vapor—several factors determine how often you need to replace your coil. Here we’ll throw light on some of those factors.


What to Look for While Replacing Your Coil?

With the regular replacement of your vaping coils, you can avoid the burnt and dry taste that comes from overheating. Frequent replacement also allows you to enjoy the best flavors of your vape juice, as the residue from old coils can mix with your e-liquid and ruin its taste.

Even if you hadn’t kept track of when you last replaced your coil, you could look for signs that it was time for a new one. If you are experiencing hot and dry vapor, losing flavor in your e-juice, or hearing a gurgling sound when using your vaporizer, it’s time to replace your flavor coil. When you do so, make sure to clean the device and tank thoroughly before adding a new coil.

Your taste buds will thank you, and you’ll get the best possible flavors out of your vaping experience.

What is the Average Life Expectancy for Coils?

We all know how important it is to keep your vape coils in good condition. With the proper care, you can stretch their life expectancy. That being said, all coils are not made equal and will have different life expediencies. A few factors contribute to the rate at which a coil will burn out and need to be replaced. They include the type of coil and the style of vaping, mainly.

The average lifespan of a vape coil is as long as 4 weeks. However, if you are a frequent vaper, it might last only one week. We can expect a vape coil to last two weeks on average with that in mind.

If you notice your wick has been burnt or a metallic taste coming through in your vapor, this indicates that the wire coil needs replacement. You should also monitor the taste and flavor of the coil. It will help you to determine if the coil has been spent and needs to be replaced.
Why does this happen?

Well, every time you fire your e-cigarette and inhale on the mouthpiece, some of the wicks are burned away. Eventually, the wire coil that heats the wick will be exposed when there’s nothing left to burn. And when does that happen? It’s time to change the coil!

Your mileage may differ depending on how frequently you’re vaping with your 510 thread battery, but we’ve found that two weeks is a good baseline to keep in mind.


What Affects the Life of Vape Coils?

Several factors affect the life of your vape coils, and some are under your control, but not all. We’ll discuss those important factors that compromise the life of a vape coil below.

One factor is how frequently you vape. The more you vape, the more often you’ll need to change out your coils. You might find yourself changing them every couple of days if you’re a heavy vaper. If you don’t vape very much and have a high-powered mod, the coils might last over a week before they need to be changed.

Another significant factor is the e-fluid you use. If you vape a VG/PG mix, your coils will last longer than if you vape a 100% VG e-fluid. A PG/VG blend will produce more throat hits, but it’s also easier on your coils because it doesn’t gunk them up as quickly as 100% VG juice does.

Finally, increasing the power with a variable voltage mod can wear out the life of vape coils quicker. This isn’t true for all mods, though—some higher quality ones compensate for increased voltage by adjusting the wattage down to prevent dry hits and burnt wicks.

510 thread battery

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Replacing Your Vape Coil: Step By Step Method

Changing your vape coil is a lot easier than you think. It’s pretty simple, and if you follow these steps, you’ll have your new coil set up in your vape in no time!

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Separate the battery from the tank and cap the tank. If you’re using a mod with removable batteries, just remove them from the mod.

Step 2: Unscrew the old coil from the tank. Discard it properly.

Step 3: Rinse the tank with water to clean any leftover e-juice residue and let it dry before reassembling.

Step 4: Screw in the new coil.

Step 5: Reassemble your tank and keep it upright while priming it (fill it with e-juice).

Step 6: Let your new coil soak in the e-juice for at least 5 minutes before using it.

After these good five minutes of waiting, you can get back to vaping. It’s that simple!

Last Words:

Vaping can be a great experience, but it can be anything but enjoyable when you vape with burnt coils.

When the coil is burnt out, you will notice that the vapor is hot and dry, losing its flavor. If your coil is making trickling sounds, then it’s the indicator to replace it.

Replacing the coil regularly ensures that they last longer, and you can enjoy vaping at its best. Luckily, replacing the coils is as easy as a snap. If you feel like your vape has burnt while you were busy puffing out of it, just grab a new coil, replace it, and let the fun begin again.

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