Empty 1mL Glass Tip Gold Vape Cartridge

  • $87.50

Empty 1mL Glass Tip Gold Vape Cartridge Diamond Cell Coil


A better vaping experience begins with the technology used in the cartridge. Our premium 510 empty vape cartridges feature pure diamond atomizers assembled without glue, increasing vapor production and flavor from your oil. Its no-wick design helps eliminate burnt and unwarranted tastes. Our cartridges are routinely lab tested for heavy metals and are guaranteed leak-proof when appropriately used.

  • Tank Capacity: 1mL
  • Tank Material: Pyrex Glass
  • Oil Intake Holes: 4 - 2.0mm
  • Base Threading: Standard 510
  • Resistance: 1.2 - 1.4ohms
  • Mouthpiece: Glass
  • Fill Line Indicator (Available without for Custom Orders)
  • Use With: Thick Viscosity Oil
  • Customizable: Compatible with our customization design services

With the rise of cheap dangerous vape cartridges hitting the market containing heavy metals and lead we want to assure our customers that when you buy from us you will get only safe, affordable, and high quality products. In an effort to be transparent you can view our lab results here which will show that we exceeded California's strict safety standards for heavy metal testing.

Vape Pens Wholesale is now offering customization services with our world-famous cartridges. Whether you want to change the fill line or customize the entire design to fit your brand we can do it! For more information and to get a order quote please click HERE

Vape Pens Wholesale in collaboration with OCPackaging is now offering custom vape cartridge packaging. Our custom CBD vape cartridge slider box comes with a preview window cut out of the front and a foam insert to protect the cartridge. Our design team can help you add any feature you need like adding child-resistance or designing the entire box to fit your brand. For more inforaiton and to get a order quote please click HERE

  • All orders are processed in California and are packaged securly in simple discreet boxes or envelopes.
  • For the time being we will only be shipping domestically within the United States.
  • All orders will ship same day if placed before 3pm PST weekdays
  • Tracking info will be sent via email soon after your order is processed. (please be patient for the tracking to update)

If you have any more questions about our shipping feel free to contact us and well be sure to answer your questions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
WackArnolds (PA)
Tastes alot better.

Great carts. Not as many terrible tasting problems like metal carts have. Few out of all my orders didn't work but not a big deal.

Anonymous (PA)
Great taste. Pull clean right after filling

I got some of these in silver at a local vape shop for $9 a piece. Enjoyed them vs refilling my old carts, so I found this site and verified if they seemed good enough to order from. Great price if ya go for bulk. Ceramic arts are the best. Just learned why recently. Look er up. Cotton can burn. All glass is great for reheating if you do straight CBD distillate carts like I do!

Freddie D (PA)
There okay better then most

They do clog but you can find ways around you can re use for multi able fills not the exact glass cart I was looking for bb tank

Nicolas (VA)
Great cart slightly big

If you have a size restricted battery this cart it’s a little bit bigger than most one gram carts and it will not fit (ex. Palm ccell battery)

Fletch (MA)
Glass tube cart

These carts are great once you get them filled. Noob warning- 90% of these will not fit a 14guage blunt tip needle between the shell and center post (unlike every other type of cart I've ever filled). Some of them will fit a 14g on one side. The tolerances on the glass portions of these are pretty big but I haven't had one leak yet.

beautiful carts, great pull, works on lower powered batteries without being overly sensitive. This is the only one I've ever had where you can see the vapor.

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