100pk 1 mL Luer Lock Pyrex Glass Syringe without Needle Retail Package Kit

  • $109.98

1 mL Luer Lock Pyrex Glass Syringe without Needle

Material: Rubber Stopper, Pyrex Glass Tank
Type: Luer Lock
Needle: Not Included
Oil Capacity: 1 mL
Pack of: 100


Tired of the same old, low quality, low clarity medical syringes for your Oil Cartridges? Vape Pens Wholesale has the Solution! Vape Pens Wholesale designs and manufacturers our Crystal Clear Syringes. While Discreet, it can easily hold up to 1.0mL of your favorite refillable Oil. Packaged with a medical grade Luer Lock Closure system, VPW provides a Leak Proof Seal for Clean Refills. Encased within a Pyrex Borosilicate Glass Tube, the full displacement plunger extracts all the oil for an accurate disbursement.



  • Luer Lock Type
  • 1ml Capacity
  • Bottom Fill - Center Post
  • Pyrex Glass Tank
  • Fill Line Indicator (Available without for Custom Orders)
  • Size (Closed) — 2.25" inch
  • Size (Open) — 2.75" inch
  • Barrel Diameter — ~1/2" inch
  • Handle Diameter — 3/4" inch
  • Disbursement Hole Diameter — 1./8" inch

BonBon Clamshell Blister Packaging Only for 1.0mL Syringes No Needle

Material: P.E.T. Plastic
Type: Packaging for 1.0mL Syringes without Needle
Compatible Syringes: Up to 1.0mL Syringes Without Needle


BonBon's 100 Pack Cartridge Clam Shell Cartridges Blister Pack Set is exactly what you need for your Vape Cartridge Cartridges Business. Keep it professional by placing your Cartridges in Professional Retail Packaging from BonBon. Made to accommodate both 0.5 to 1.0mL Cartridge, it also allows you to put Commercial Blister Pack Inserts of your Choosing. Made from High-Quality Clear P.E.T. Plastic, showcase your Cartridges with the Professionals! This material can either be heat sealed or stapled on top. Does not include any Cartridges.



  • Create Your Own Brand — Start your own Cartridge Business Brand with this 100pk No Needle Cartridge Syringe Blister Pack from BonBon.
  • Marketing Professional — Presentation is Everything when it comes to Increasing Sales and Brand Awareness.
  • Fits Up To 1.0mL Syringes — Easily Versatile to accommodate up to 1.0mL Cartridge No Needle Syringes.
  • Dual Sealing Methods — As a Retailer, you can either Completely Seal via Heat around the edges or by simply Stapling the Top of the Package.
  • 100 Pack Value — BonBon offers the Value Pack of 100 Blister Packaging for the Startup Entrepreneur or the Existing Cartridge Business Operator.