At VPWholesale, we are dedicated to innovating your vaping experience. As a result, our engineers have pioneered the use of pure Quartz coils in our cartridges and disposables. Quartz, in its pure form, offers many unique benefits compared to traditional ceramic or metal coils. Here's why you should consider pure Quartz for your vaping needs.

Mastering Heat

Pure Quartz has a strikingly high melting point of 1713°C or 3125°F. This allows it to withstand high temperatures without degrading, ensuring the integrity of your vapor is never compromised. Quick and even heating is essential for the optimal vaporization of your dab concentrates. Pure Quartz coils deliver this heat mastery, giving you an instantly smooth and robust vapor, and an unmatched vaping experience.

Purity in Every Puff

Due to its high melting point, pure Quartz coils prevent thermal degradation that could lead to metal contamination found in less heat-tolerant coil materials. This means every puff delivers the pure, unaltered flavor of your concentrates, without any unwanted metallic taste. It’s also the perfect material for vaporizing distillate oil, allowing you to truly savor the flavor and effects of your chosen concentrate.

Durability for the Long Haul

Pure Quartz isn't just about superior performance - it's also incredibly durable. With a higher resistance to heat, pure Quartz coils outlast traditional ceramic or metal coils. This means you'll enjoy a more consistently satisfying vaping experience over a longer time, providing great value for your money.

Your Safety is Our Priority

We take your safety seriously at VPWholesale. Our pure Quartz coils undergo rigorous testing for heavy metals and harmful substances, ensuring a safe, high-quality vaping component. With our products, you can vape with peace of mind, knowing that your safety is our top concern.

Upgrade Your Vaping Experience

In summary, pure Quartz coils offer several benefits including unmatched heat performance, enhanced flavor delivery, superior longevity, and safety assurance. Switch to pure Quartz and see the difference for yourself.

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