Empty Vape Cartridge

Our empty vape cartridge uses a new revolutionary diamond cell heating technology allowing for higher potency extracts & a large range of viscous distillates. All our 510 vape carts are shipped from the US so delivery will be blazing fast. When looking for a range of vape cartridges, VPWholesale is your one-stop shop with our variety of vape carts featuring trendy modern designs that are routinely lab tested so you can shop with confidence.

Do we office custom packaging/cartridge designs?

We can customize anything about our cartridges to fit your needs! Whether you want to customize your cartridges to match your branding or create child-resistant branded packaging, our design team can do it!

Do we offer volume discounts?

Yes! Our listings offer larger discounts the larger the order. For volumes that surpass 10,000 cartridgeswe offer further discounts; please call (949) 742-4100 for more information.

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