Vape Pens Wholesale Cartridges Pass All CA Heavy Metals Testing

With the increasing demand for vapes products in the market many factories throughout the world have started using cheap dangerous metals when manufacturing vape products to save on cost. Many reports have been published showing the use of of heavy metals being used to manufacture knock off products. These heavy metals and metalloids are dangerous to your health.


Heavy Metals in vape carts

Dangerous heavy metals have recently started to make their way into our bodies through vape. Two of these metals include lead and arsenic that can prove to be very harmful. The spread of lead in vaporizers has become a new growing concern for customers. Therefore, finding a brand you trust and getting it certified in a lab (as we did) before you inhale the vapors is very important. If you don't want to waste your time doing that, try our certified 510 empty vape cartridges which we had tested by a third party lab to ensure they are safe for use.

Why are there heavy metals in carts?

As already mentioned above, studies have proven that knock off vape carts can contain insanely high amounts of heavy metals. Inhaling these every day can be very damaging for your body.

The first reason is the vape device itself. This is because it was found that in counterfeit products the more metal parts were present in the vape, the more vapor produced heavy metals. Scientists have recently figured out that the tiny metal coils present in the e-cigarette that heats the liquid nitrogen contaminates the smoke with tons of metals such as lead, manganese, and nickel. The metal concentrations were usually always more in the tank and aerosol rather than the refill dispenser. This proves that the coil greatly aids in producing harmful vapors containing heavy metals rather than anything else

The other issue is vape cartridges which is a tube containing a coil and oil. The coil is heated up by the vape device and If the coil was manufactured with heavy metals which many knockoffs do. The heavy metals will get into the oil as it is heated up which is than evaporated into your lunges. This is why we highly recommend you order from trusted vape manufactures who publicly publish their product test results like us.

Negative health effects of carts with heavy metals

Exposure to heavy metals in e-cigarettes has been linked to severe health consequences. A couple of adverse effects of heavy metals in carts have been mentioned down below.

Lung cancer and related lung issues

Heavy metals getting into peoples lungs have been shown to cause breathing issues, people can experience a lot of coughing, nausea, vomiting, and even fever. Products with Chromium and nickel found in it have been linked to respiratory diseases and lung cancer.

Brain damage

Besides lung cancer, cardiologists talk about how vaping can be especially dangerous for young people. This is because they cause damage to the brain, heart, and blood vessels. Lead can lead to severe brain damage. They slow down brain development as well as affect the ability to concentrate, memorize and learn things. Furthermore, this can speed up the aging process and make the brain more susceptible to neurodegenerative diseases.

Vape Pens Wholesale Passes All of California's Strict Heavy Metal Standards

If you're someone who vapes regularly, you might be very confused about what to do now. However, there's no need to worry. After multiple lab tests, Vape Pens Wholesale can confirm that we passed all heavy metal testings. Keeping in mind the news circulating of toxic vape cartridges, Vape Pens Wholesale places a tremendous amount of priority on the safe and high-quality product. To be completely transparent with our customers, our lab test results further show how our vape cartridges pass these strict state requirements.

Vape Pens Wholesale uses the best of materials to minimize any health hazards. We take your health very seriously, and all our empty vape cartridges  will not let you down. Our products are also sold at very affordable prices while maintaining our high quality standard. With the growing number of cheap vape cartridges that have been taking over the market and damaging people's health we want to assure you that you are safe ordering here.

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